CCN Holding A.Ş Ankara Bilkent Şehir Hospital

Electromechanical works and Automation Infrastructure preparation were delivered.

Ankara Turkey

Delivery Date: 2019

Construction Area: 1.315,967 m2

Type of Building: Ankara City Hospital Bilkent with a closed area of 1.315.967 m2; especially general, cardiovascular, neurology, pediatric, obstetrics and oncology towers; It consists of a high security forensic psychiatric hospital, a physical therapy hospital, a clinic hotel and a rehabilitation hospital.

Within the general hospital; 3711 beds (105-bed clinic hotel excluded), 904 outpatient clinics, 294 polyclinic support, 131 operating rooms, 22 angiography, 97 pediatric and adult endoscopy, 625 prepost beds, 38 adult and pediatric dialysis centers, 127 seat chemotherapy units, 120 diagnoses, 11 There are triage, 22 angio, 248-bed emergency arena, 24 trauma, 19 emergency isolation rooms, 48 general treatment (within the emergency arena), 2 small surgery units.

Public-Private Partnership project, which is the largest and the world's largest hospital, made in one piece with the title of Ankara Bilkent Şehir Hospital in Turkey's health sector; It was deemed worthy of the Best Infrastructure Financing Award among 100 nominees by the Bonds & Loans