CCN Holding A.Ş Mersin Şehir Hospital

Electromechanical works and Automation Infrastructure preparation were delivered.

Mersin - Turkey

Delivery Date: 2017

Construction Area: 374.813 m2

Type of Building: Mersin City Hospital, which has a closed area of 374,813 m2; It consists of the general hospital building, cardiovascular, obstetrics and pediatrics, general oncology and psychiatric hospitals.

1,300 beds, 280 polyclinics within Mersin City Hospital; There are 210 intensive care units, 53 operating rooms, 7 angiography, 36 endoscopy units, 152 preposts, 30 dialysis, 50 chemotherapy rooms, 8 triage, 72-bed emergency arena, 6 emergency isolation rooms, 12 trauma, 9 general treatment units.

Investor: CCN holding A.Ş